Dungeons & Dragons Launches New Music Album to Promote Spelljammer

Dungeons & Dragons' Spelljammer campaign setting has a soundtrack. Wizards of the Coast has officially unveiled Spelljams, a full-length musical album produced by Chris Funk, the lead guitarist of The Decemberists. The album contains music by Reggie Watts, Magic Sword, Mikaela Davis, and Wizard of Waz among many others. Each track in the new album references a story beat from Light of Xaryxis, the new adventure found in the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space boxed set. 

"Helping facilitate bringing this world to life through music and the amazing artists' visions that were selected was an honor of a lifetime," said Funk in an official press release. "I am of the opinion when people think of Dungeons & Dragons that there is a preconceived underscore of what these worlds might sound like. With this bold return to Spelljammer we were excited to push the boundaries deep into Wildspace, working with artists from diverse musical backgrounds that could challenge what music in the multiverse of the world's greatest roleplaying game might sound like. Each artist was given a character or plot prompt from the storyline, then challenged to write an original composition based on Light of Xaryxis. We hope you enjoy the result!"

Spelljams can be streamed on every major streaming platform. Additionally, Wizards of the Coast is planning a vinyl release with two covers – a standard edition and an Artifact Edition that will be released in late 2022/early 2023.  

This isn't the first time that Wizards of the Coast has published an album to promote Dungeons & Dragons. The company previously published the Shards of Eberron album to promote its Eberron campaign setting. Music from that album is still used on official Dungeons & Dragons livestreams. 

The full track list for Spelljams can be found below: 

  1. Magic Sword – Seeds Of Destruction
  2. Osees – Arena Of Blood
  3. Reggie Watts – Space Is A Place
  4. TEKE::TEKE – Visible Lights
  5. Black Marble – Far
  6. Mikaela Davis – Left Hand Path
  7. Lucius – love is the disaster
  8. Penny & Sparrow – Xedalli
  9. Y La Bamba – Moon Dancer
  10. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Light of Xaryxis
  11. MonoNeon – Spacefighters
  12. Cardioid & pink paint – Crystalline Climbers
  13. Devon Gilfillian – Me and The Moon
  14. Red Fang – Endless Sea
  15. Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band – Ghost Of The Nautiloid
  16. Deru & Arooj Aftab – Forgotten Land
  17. Wizard of Waz – Topolah's Song
  18. Califone – chaotic.evil.astral.elves
  19. Shabazz Palaces – The Door To Endlessness