Steamforged's Dungeons & Dragons Line Expands With Epic Encounters: Local Legends

Steamforged Games is growing their line of Dungeons & Dragons boxed sets with Epic Encounters: Local Legends. Earlier today, Steamforged launched a Kickstarter campaign for Epic Encounters: Local Legends, a new collection of Dungeons & Dragons material and pre-written adventures that includes highly detailed miniatures. The Kickstarter will fund the publication of three new Local Legends books that includes guides on how to create a tavern that can serve as the hub for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, filling it with distinctive NPCs and rumors and adventure hooks to explore. Also included in the Kickstarter are several Local Legends encounters, which include pre-made adventures and accompanying miniatures of the major villains of the adventure. Steamforged's Local Legends line will include encounters with owlbears, ghost pirates, vampires, wraiths, and other classic D&D monsters. In total, Steamforged will produce a total of 10 Local Legends encounters. 

First launched in 2020, Steamforged's Epic Encounters line provides players with pre-made D&D adventures, and includes accompanying supplementary material like maps and miniatures. Given that Steamforged makes some of the best mass-produced miniatures in the business, the line provides players with top-quality miniatures for the tabletop and an adventure that showcases the miniatures.

Backers of the Epic Encounters: Local Legends Kickstarter will receive a digital copy of the Local Legends books with a $21 pledge. The core pledge of $82 includes physical copies of the Local Legends books and four encounter sets of miniatures. The "All In" pledge of $161 comes with all ten Local Legends encounter sets. 

As of press time, the Kickstarter has raised over $94,000 and has already met its initial funding goal. The Kickstarter for Epic Encounters: Local Legends will run through July 8th, so be sure to check it out today.