Dungeons & Dragons Gets a Vault of Magic Items

Dungeons & Dragons is getting a compendium of hundreds of new magic items. This week, Kobold Press launched the Kickstarter for Vault of Magic, a new grimoire containing over 800 magic items for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Not only is this one of the largest compendiums of magic items published for Fifth Edition rules, Vault of Magic also contains dozens of magic items created by a fantastic line up of guest designers, including Deborah Ann Woll, Luke Gygax, Daniel Kwan, Victoria Rogers and other well-known names from the D&D community.

Included in Vault of Magic are multiple "Fabled Items," a new kind of magic items. These are magic items that grow with the player, gaining new magic properties as the player learns of the item's history and true nature. Also included are a number of consumable magic items and witchy concoctions, designed to provide campaigns with different kinds of magic items that aren't meant to be hoarded and unused in a Bag of Holding.

Kobold Press is one of the best-known third-party D&D publishers and has published tons of fantastic content that greatly expands a D&D campaign in the best possible ways. From three bestiaries that bring a plethora of fantastical monsters with diverse abilities, attacks, and motivations to last year's Deep Magic, which added hundreds of new spells, Kobold Press's books are great resources for DMs who feel that they've run out of material from "official" Fifth Edition sources, or feel that their campaign needs an extra layer of complexity or nuance.

Vault of Magic has already reached its initial $50,000 goal and has raised over $200,000 as of press time. A $25 pledge comes with a PDF version of Vault of Magic, while a hardcover version is available for $49. A premium edition is also available for $115. You can check out the full Kickstarter here.