Dying Light 2 Could Be A Cross-Gen Game

While it looks unlikely Dying Light 2 will be a cross-gen release that doesn't mean it won't be a [...]

dying light
(Photo: Techland)

While it looks unlikely Dying Light 2 will be a cross-gen release that doesn't mean it won't be a cross-gen game. According to a new interview between Techland and Wccftech, the upcoming PS4, Xbox One, and PC zombies game may also be coming to the PS5 and next Xbox. As you may know, Dying Light 2 is still being pitched as a 2019 game, which rules out that it will be a cross-gen release, because the next-gen systems won't be out this year. However, a year later they presumably will be, and it looks like Techland may be planning to port the ambitious game to the next-gen consoles.

When asked about PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support, Techland's CTO, Pawel Rohleder, confirmed there will be PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support that will be somewhere between the standard PS4 and Xbox One and current high-end PCs. But more interestingly, Rohleder mentions that Techland is also thinking about future platforms as well.

"It's a very interesting topic. Because right now, there's a huge gap in between the consoles, the current version consoles, and the PCs is like five or six years," said Rohleder when asked if there will be major game differences between the current standard consoles and their more powerful versions. "And this still every half a year, you have a new generation of graphics boards. And so in general, we want to support the wide variety of systems, including high-end PCs with RTX implementations. On the other hand, we're making the games for the current version as well. Xbox One X and PS4 Pro is somewhere in the middle. So it will be for sure enhanced in some way, but the very high-end PCs will be even more enhanced, right. So we want to give the same experience, but maybe a slightly better visual experience if someone has the hardware with better capabilities, right. And this is also one of the biggest challenges that we're struggling with right now, how to create the game, which looks okay, on this, like a variety of devices. And also thinking about future platforms."

Of course, Rohleder doesn't outright confirm there's a plan to bring the game to next-gen systems, but that is more or less what he seems to suggest.

Dying Light 2 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is slated to release sometime this year. Techland has already confirmed the game will be at E3 next month, so expect to hear more about it and see more of it then.

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