Dying Light 2 Gets New PC Update, PlayStation and Xbox Patch Coming Soon

A new update for Dying Light 2 on PC has today been pushed out by developer Techland. Following its launch in the early part of last year, Techland has continued to support Dying Light 2 in a big way across all of its various platforms. And while those on PlayStation and Xbox consoles are going to have to wait a bit longer to get this new update, PC players are today getting the update a bit early alongside a substantial new feature. 

As of this moment, those on PC can download and install the newest update for Dying Light 2. For the most part, this update isn't a vast one as it looks to merely pave the way for a new in-game event that is set to kick off within the coming day. Beyond this, Techland has looked to squash a number of other bugs that have been found in Dying Light 2 to improve the core experience just a bit. 

The most notable new feature for Dying Light 2 on PC though is that this update finally makes the open-world game Steam Deck verified. This means that DL2 is now natively compatible with Valve's handheld PC platform and can be played more easily on the hardware than ever before. While this improvement only impacts those who actually own a Steam Deck, it's still great to see that Techland has finally added this highly-requested feature. 

When it comes to those who play Dying Light 2 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, or Xbox One, they won't have to wait much longer for this same update to roll out. Techland has made clear that this patch will go live on all of these platforms tomorrow on March 21st. And while this update clearly won't include Steam Deck compatibility for consoles, all other aspects of the update will be present on PlayStation and Xbox soon enough. 

To find the full patch notes for today's new Dying Light 2 update, you can check them out below. 

Patch Notes

  • New event (Starts tomorrow)

  • Game is now fully compatible with Steam Deck (and is now Steam Deck Verified as well)

  • Legend Levels are now working for players who are using mods

  • Fixed several crashes