Elden Ring Board Game Launches on Kickstarter, Raises Nearly $2 Million in One Day

The Elden Ring board game is a massive success on Kickstarter. Yesterday, Steamforged Games launched the Kickstarter for Elden Ring: The Board Game, a new tabletop experience set in The Lands Between, the epic setting of Elden Ring. The game passed the $1 million funding mark in just two hours and currently sits at about $1.8 million just a day after its launch. The Kickstarter will remain open until December 2nd. 

Part of the reason for the Kickstarter's success is that the Elden Ring board game is split into numerous expansions, with only the first two regions of The Lands Between covered in the initial Kickstarter. The Core game covers Limgrave, with Margit the Fell Omen as the main boss, while other expansions cover The Weeping Peninsula and Stormveil Castle. There are also two mini-expansions, adding Flying Dragon Agheel and the Tree Sentinel to the game experience. Both The Weeping Peninsula and Stormveil Castle are standalone expansions, meaning that players can either enjoy the expansions as standalone campaigns or add them to their existing campaign and grow their character over the course of numerous play sessions. 

Elden Ring: The Board Game will use a card-based combat system, in which players are rewarded or punished for their choices instead of luck. Actions will be dictated by playing cards from one deck while their damage and effects will be decided by a separate one. Each enemy in the game has a separate AI deck that dictates their actions, allowing players to make decisions based on an enemy's upcoming moves. 

Players will receive a copy of the Core Box with a $181 pledge, while an "Entry Pledge" containing only The Weeping Peninsula is $90. The "All In" pledge that includes all announced sets will cost $433.