Elden Ring Player Let Me Solo Her Gets Commemorative Sword and More

Elden Ring's Let Me Solo Her, the player made famous for single-handedly helping thousands of players with one of the game's toughest bosses, has received a unique gift from publisher Bandai Namco for their efforts. The player got a sword engraved with Elden Ring references as well as a plaque, a map of the Lands Between, and some words from the creators of the game to commemorate Let Me Solo Her's efforts.

In one of the last major updates from the Elden Ring player, they showed off their 1,000th Malenia kill and teased that they had something coming their way, too, after Bandai Namco had contacted them with plans to send something over.

Now, we get to see what that something was. The player shared the images below this week to show of what the various goods looked like. A quick look at the package appears to show the plaque, a scroll depicting a map, a letter from the game's creators, and perhaps a cloak reminiscent of the one Melina (not to be confused with the boss Malenia) wears. Underneath all of that was the sword pictured below which says "Rise, Tarnished" near the hilt.

In the tweets showing off the sword and the rest of the package, the player revealed that they almost quit out of the SoulsBorne games after facing Gundyr in Dark Souls 3 which, if that had happened, could perhaps have meant that Let Me Solo Her would've never existed. The player has since spawned plenty of imitators in Elden Ring who focus themselves on different bosses or who have similar names compared to Let Me Solo Her, so an entire subsection of Elden Ring players may not have existed either.


FromSoftware games are filled with players who do come up with unique creations and concepts for their builds, however, so there still would've been plenty of interesting sights to see in the game. Someone recently created a Thanos character fit with a relevant loadout, for example, while others have looked to past games like Bloodborne for inspiration.