Elden Ring Player Beats Boss Without Attacking

Elden Ring players – and, by extension, those who play FromSoftware's Dark Souls games – are no strangers to creative runs where they restrict themselves to certain loadouts or self-imposed rules. No-hit boss fights or full runs are a common challenge for players to pursue wherein they finish a fight or the game without getting hit at all, but one player has managed to do something even more impressive: They beat a boss not only by taking no damage but also by never attacking even one time.

The boss in question is the Mimic Tear found in the Nokron, Eternal City location. This boss is reused later like other enemies in Elden Ring, but the Nokron location is where people will most often find it first.

Mimic Tear HITLESS | NO ATTACKS from Eldenring

Elden Ring player and Redditor Going_Loki shared the clip below within the game's subreddit to show how they managed to beat the Mimic Tear boss without ever hitting the enemy and without taking damage. They started by showing their loadout which consisted only of a dagger equipped  with the Bloody Slash weapon art and no other armor, talismans, or other weapons to speak of.

If you've used this Ash of War in Elden Ring, you'll probably have already pieced together how the Mimic Tear can be beaten in this way without ever hitting them. The boss copies the player's build and therefore has only that weapon and its skill at its disposal. The move temporarily imbues the weapon with the Blood damage type at the cost of the player's own health. In the case of the Mimic Tear, that means the optional boss ends up hurting itself every time it spams the only ability at its disposal. Eventually, the boss ends up defeating itself.

The technique is an inventive one as we've come to expect from Elden Ring and Souls game players, and like most extra challenges, it requires a bit more patience. Mimic Tears are not particularly difficult bosses to defeat since they're humanoid and are therefore susceptible to auxiliary damage effects and being stunlocked, but doing the fight this way took about five minutes to complete.

Mimic Tears in Elden Ring double as a Spirit Ash players can use where they create a copy of themselves to assist them in battles. It used to be stronger than it was before it was nerfed, but it's still a strong option if your build is worth replicating. Ironically enough, using a Mimic Tear itself used to be a common no-hit, no-attack strategy for bosses since the Spirit Ash could solo plenty of tough enemies on its own.