New Elder Scrolls Tabletop Game Announced

Chip Theory Games has officially announced Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era, a new tabletop board game. The game will focus on the Planemeld, an event in which the Daedric Prince Morag Bal attempted to merge Nirn (the Mortal Plane on which Tamriel resides) with his personal realm of Coldharbour. Players will be able to travel all over Tamriel in the game, investigating the Order of the Black Worm while slowly discovering Morag Bal's plot. Chip Theory Games is collaborating with the team of Elder Scrolls Online on the new game. A first reveal trailer can also be seen below: 

While details about Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era are sparse, the game will be a cooperative experience for up to four players and will have an expansive character creation system. The game will include a mix of exploration, character building, and dungeon delving. Each adventure in Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era will take place over three gameplay sessions, each of which takes about an hour to complete. While players only have characters for three sessions, Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era is intended to be a replayable game, with players encouraged to take different routes and approaches to central conflicts. Both combat and character creation is inspired by Chip Theory's previous game Too Many Bones. 

The Elder Scrolls franchise has been a popular source for tabletop games in recent years. Modiphius Entertainment is developing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game, a campaign game inspired by the most recent video game in the franchise, and also produces an Elder Scrolls miniatures game. One major difference between Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game is that the former will take place throughout Tamriel while the latter focuses exclusively on Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era will launch on the crowdfunding site GameFound in fall of 2022. No prices or other details are currently available.