Electronic Arts Once Again Hosting E3 Play Event Before E3 2018

EA Play

A few years ago, Electronic Arts made the controversial decision to depart from the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a show it had dominated for years with its large, showcase-like booth. In its place, the company decided to host its own event, titled EA Play, making it a place for fans and press alike to celebrate its upcoming games, through a series of presentations and tournaments.

Well, it appears that the company is staying the course with the show, as it's just announced that it will be returning once more. The company has confirmed that EA Play 2018 will once again take place right before E3, happening from June 9-11 in Los Angeles, California. It didn't provide a location for the event just yet, but last year it hosted in the heart of Hollywood, instead of being right next door to the Los Angeles Convention Center, where E3 usually takes place.

The show is set to kick off on Saturday around 2 PM local time, which means that EA will likely host a press conference first to show what's coming up in the year ahead. (It will probably be aired online as well, for those that aren't able to attend the event in person.) From there, it'll open its doors and enable players to check out particular games.

More than likely, sports games will be part of this line-up, including Madden NFL 19 and FIFA 19, amongst other releases. We'll also probably see more of BioWare's Anthem in action, even though we're not getting it until 2019. And, more than likely, the new Battlefield game coming later this year will be on hand.

EA could have some other surprises as well, but it's not saying what they are just yet. Last year brought the debut of A Way Out, along with more traditional EA releases. So we'll see what 2018 holds.


Tickets are set to be available sometime this spring, so we'll inform you when you can get your hands on them. Judging by what we've seen in the past, it should be a fun show – especially if we can get our hands on Anthem for the first time.