Electronic Arts Will Host A Live Gamescom Show Next Month

Even though we’re still just over a month away from the event happening, that isn’t stopping [...]


Even though we're still just over a month away from the event happening, that isn't stopping companies from making plans for the big Gamescom show that will be taking place in August.

Electronic Arts is the latest publisher to announce that it's planning something big, as it'll be hosting a special live show from the event. It'll take place on August 21st at 9:30 AM PDT (it's early because they're hosting it the night before in Germany), and it will be streamed online.

The event will no doubt focus on upcoming games like Star Wars: Battlefront II and Need For Speed: Payback, as well as possible other titles that will be revealed. The company has noted that "new gameplay" is on the docket, along with live matches and a "few surprises."

The show takes place between August 22nd and 26th, and during that time, EA will also host a central stage at its booth, which will feature live entertainment for attendees, along with new gameplay glimpses, producer discussions and competitions amongst local players.

Hopefully the show will go better than EA's previous Play event, which took place last month prior to E3. While the new Battlefront II footage was fun to watch – and a couple of reveals, like A Way Out, caught us by surprise – it was a bit lackluster with the way it was presented. Something tells us things will only get better once Gamescom rolls around.

The company hasn't provided a specific schedule in terms of what it'll be doing once the show actually begins, but we'll be watching the live stream the day before to see what announcements come around. Again, Battlefront II will be a big highlight, though we'll also need Need For Speed, stuff revolving around the company's sports games, and obviously more. We'll let you know what all is revealed.

Fingers crossed we'll see more Battlefront II gameplay. We really can't get enough of that…