Elon Musk Says Elden Ring Is the Most "Beautiful Art" Ever

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of companies like SpaceX, Tesla, and others has continued to heap praise upon FromSoftware's latest action-adventure game Elden Ring. In recent weeks, Musk has been sounding off on Twitter about how he has been playing Elden Ring in his free time lately and has even shared information about his own character build. Now, having supposedly beaten the game, Musk has given the highest compliment that he could possibly give to the 2022 release. 

Taking to Twitter recently, Musk said that Elden Ring as a whole is the best piece of art that he has ever consumed. "Elden Ring, experienced in its entirety, is the most beautiful art I have ever seen," Musk said. Like most tweets that Musk has on Twitter, the message quickly blew up and was responded to by numerous other Elden Ring fans, many of which who happened to agree with him. Others questioned how he was even able to beat such a long, arduous game while managing so many major companies and also spending time with his family. This question is a good one, especially since many fans with less-busy schedules are still trying to find time to see everything that Elden Ring has to offer. 

In a reply to this tweet, Musk went on to talk more about the build that he used to seemingly complete Elden Ring. As he stated in the past, he primarily played as a mage but also noted that he carried a "sword/katana" with him as well. He then went one step further and stated that he would tweet out a picture of his build at some point in the coming day. While this has yet to actually happen, the tweet from Musk will surely just lead to more Elden Ring fans sharing all sorts of memes that are associated with the game in the replies. 

Do you agree with Musk's assessment of Elden Ring? And are you someone who is also surprised that he happened to finish the game in its entirety? Let me know your own thoughts either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.