Epic Games Offering PlayStation Plus Exclusive ‘Fortnite’ Gear Pack

If you’re an avid player of Fortnite on the PlayStation 4 and have a PlayStation Plus account, [...]

If you're an avid player of Fortnite on the PlayStation 4 and have a PlayStation Plus account, you can get yourself some pretty sweet gear right now without even having to fork over any V-Bucks.

Epic Games has confirmed a new PlayStation Plus exclusive gear pack for the game, which is being offered in the PlayStation Store right now. It's free of charge, though it's unknown if it's being offered for a limited time or not, so you may want to grab it quickly.


The pack, which became available yesterday, includes three items in all: a special blue skydiving trail for your character when they drop into the map, a Flappy Glider designed with PlayStation-style colors, and a pickaxe that resembles the design of a DualShock 4 controller. You can get a peek at the items in the picture below.

Fortnite 3

Currently, the pack is only being offered in the U.S., though it's really just a matter of time before it becomes available in other markets.

The pack is a way to celebrate the game's Battle Royale success on the platform, while also offering some fun goodies for PlayStation Plus members, following one that was made available earlier this year.

Here's the official description of the items from the product page:

"This is an exclusive PlayStation Plus offer. Grab a glider, a pickaxe and a skydiving trail to represent your Victory Royale in style with the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack."

This is the second freebie pack, as the first one came out back in June, featuring a blue striker outfit as well as the blue shift back bling. You can see it in the picture below, though it doesn't appear it's offered anymore.

Fortnite 2

If you take a look at the Fortnite PlayStation page, you can also see other items that can be picked up, including a number of Avatars, like Tomatohead, Rex, Jonesy and Penny, as well as a llama if that's what you're into.

As far as what we'll see next from Epic Games, they haven't disclosed any future plans. But with Christmas around the corner, who knows? They might just offer some holiday goods to get you that much closer to Victory Royale.

Fortnite is available now for PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and PC.