Epic Games Store Giving Away Free Game for One Day Only

The Epic Games Store is giving away another free game on Thursday, but today’s giveaway looks a [...]

The Epic Games Store is giving away another free game on Thursday, but today's giveaway looks a bit different from the usual weekly offers. The free game in question is Cities: Skylines, but instead of it being available for a week like the games usually are, this one's only available for a day. It's also the game that kicks off the Epic Games Store's holiday event that'll give away more free games for the next 14 days.

To redeem your copy of Cities: Skylines while it's still available, all you have to do is head to the Epic Games Store site and you'll see it listed where the free games typically are. Sign into your account and claim the game and you'll have it for good even after the giveaway ends. You can of course do this all through the Epic Games Store launcher as well to make things a bit quicker.

However, you may run into a slight snag getting this free game, at least for a while until people filter out of the site and the launcher. Whether it's because people were rushing in to get Cities: Skylines or they just wanted to see what the first free game of the 15-day giveaways would be, Epic Games said on Thursday that the Epic Games Store was experiencing some high volumes of traffic which caused people to encounter slower loading times among other issues. Those problems should likely resolve themselves soon enough though, so you'll be able to get the game easily before too long if you encounter an issue now.

Cities: Skylines is only set to be available until December 18th at 8 a.m. PT, so you'll want to get it while you can if you're interested. Whether you get it or decide this one's not for you, the good news is that you can look forward to another free game right afterwards followed by more giveaways every day after for the next two weeks. These future free games will only be available for one day each as well though, so Epic Games Store users will have to pay close attention to which ones are available and when to make sure they don't miss out.