Epic Games Store's Newest Free Games Are Now Available for a Limited Time

Epic Games Store has made not one, but two new games 100 percent free to download to all users of [...]

Epic Games Store has made not one, but two new games 100 percent free to download to all users of the storefront, no strings attached. Like every Thursday, last week's Epic Games Store freebies have been swapped out with brand new ones, which will now available for free for an entire week, or, in other words, until July 3. These two games are Stranger Things 3: The Game and AER: Memories of Old.

As always, these aren't free trials or free demos, but free downloads. Once you download either or both games, you not only get access to the entire game, but you get access to it forever as long as you maintain the Epic Games Store account that you downloaded them on. And unlike some similar deals on other platforms, there's no barrier to entry here. Having an Epic Games Store account costs nothing.

As for the games, the former, AER Memories of Old, first arrived on the scene back in 2017 via developer Forgotten Key and publisher Daedalic Entertainment. Meanwhile, the official Stranger Things 3 game debuted last year via BonusXP.

Below, you can read more about the duo of games, as well as check out a trailer of each:

AER Memories of Old: "The gods of old are forgotten, lost in the events that shattered the world, leaving only fragments of islands in the sky. This mystic world of endless skies, colorful islands, and ancient ruins are in danger of falling into darkness. As one of the last few shapeshifters, you are sent on a pilgrimage to the Land of Gods. Uncover the secrets that will help save reality itself."

Stranger Things 3: The Game: "Stranger Things 3 The Game is the official companion game to Season 3 of the hit original series! Play through familiar events from the series while also uncovering never-before-seen quests, character interactions, and secrets! This adventure game blends a distinctively retro art style with modern gameplay mechanics to deliver nostalgic fun with a fresh new twist."

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