Epic Games Store Gives Away Final Free Games of January 2023

The final rotation of free games on the Epic Games Store for the month of January 2023 are now available. For the most part, January has been a pretty decent month on the Epic Games Store when it comes to free titles. Games such as Kerbal Space Program, Divine Knockout, and Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun – Aiko's Choice have all been doled out in recent weeks. And while some fans have been hoping for a better pair of games to end the month, the Epic Games Store is instead handing out some forgettable titles. 

Starting today and lasting until next week on February 2nd at 11:00am ET, the Epic Games Store is now giving away Adios and Hell is Others for no cost. Adios is a first-person cinematic game that centers around a character who is trying to shake loose his ties to the mob. Conversely, Hell is Others it a top-down shooter that boasts quite a unique art style. 

For the most part, both Adios and Hell is Others are fairly unknown, largely because each comes from smaller developers. In addition, though, neither title received much critical acclaim when they were first released. As such, this free lineup is a bit underwhelming to close January out. Fortunately, February's first lineup has already been unveiled and it already looks to be much better. 

If you'd like to learn more about both of these free games on the Epic Games Store, you can view trailers and descriptions for each down below. 


"Adios is a cinematic first-person game about sticking to a complicated decision. You're a pig farmer in Kansas. It's October. Cold, crisp mornings are the norm, and you have decided that you're no longer okay with letting the mob use your pigs to dispose of bodies. When your old friend – a hitman – arrives with his assistant to deliver another body, you finally screw up the courage to tell them that you're done."

Hell is Others

"Hell is Others is an extraction horror PVPVE top-down shooter. Outside the safety of your apartment lies the noir hellscape of Century City. A city of endless night that straddles the line between reality and insanity. Explore, hunt and loot in a place where blood is currency."