Evil Genius Finally Gets A Sequel After Over A Decade


Back in 2004, the Sierra Entertainment release Evil Genius became something of a cult classic, developed by the team over at Elixir Studios. However, it's been years since we've seen this Evil at work, mainly because the original developer shut down. But it's kinda funny how things come back in style after several years away.

In 2015, Evil Genius Online was released for Facebook and mobile devices by the folks at Rebellion (the team behind the Sniper Elite series), and turned into a massive hit. So that prompted the company to think about – and, today, announce – a sequel!

The company confirmed that the game is officially being worked on, and even though it's still trying to find a publisher for the forthcoming title, it did say that the game was going to happen, and "soon", too.

The team confirmed the news in a new video, which can be seen above, explaining that the game will be an all new adventure, and not a remaster of the original game – a "fully fledged sequel," as it noted. It also won't be set up as a free-to-play title either, although it is only being planned for PC at the time. There's no word on any kind of console release.

Fans of the classic title should be thrilled by this, but there's no other information on the game just yet, like when we can expect it. Hopefully, we'll get some details soon. The Genius has returned!