Fairy Tail Game Confirms Five New Playable Characters

Today, Bandai Namco and developer Gust -- via Famitsu -- revealed five new playable characters for [...]

Today, Bandai Namco and developer Gust -- via Famitsu -- revealed five new playable characters for the upcoming Fairy Tail game: Sting Eucliffe, Sherria Blendy, Rogue Cheney, Kagura Mikazuchi, and Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki. Unfortunately, character reveals for each haven't been revealed yet, but that should be changing in the near future, at least for some of them. Meanwhile, the Japanese magazine also revealed a few gameplay systems, including Unison Raid, Mode Change, Super Magic, and Awakening, all of which you can read more about below:

  • Unison Raid – A combination magic attack by two characters.
  • Awakening – Drastically enhances a characters abilities for a fixed window of time.
  • Mode Change – A strengthened state that can be used by some characters.
  • Super Magic – Makarov backs you up with Super Magic. Has a fixed chance of being activated through continued magic cooperation.

For those that don't know: Sting Eucliffe is the current Guild Master of the Sabertooth Guild, and is part of the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth. The character was originally a Dragon Slayer from four hundred years in the past, but was sent to the future to assist in the Destruction of Acnologia. Meanwhile Sherria Blendy is a Sky God Slayer, as well as a member of Lamia Scale and the cousin of Sherry Blendy. As for Rogue, he's most notably a mage of Sabertooth as well as Twin Dragons of Sabertooth. Like Sting, he's a Dragon Slayer from the past sent to the future for the same reason. Then there's Kagura Mikazuchi, who is the strongest and most notable mage of the Memaid Heel Guild. She is also the younger sister of the late Simon. Lastly, there's Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, who is the ace of the Blue Pegasus Guild. Further, he's the leader of The Trimens.

The untitled Fairy Tail game is in development for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a release date, but we do know the game is releasing sometime in 2020.

Source: Famitsu via Ryokutya2089 and Gematsu