Fake Riot Post Teases League Of Legends Voice Chat In Patch 7.12

Players who are hoping for voice chat in League of Legends to be implemented soon were taken on [...]

(Photo: League of Legends)

Players who are hoping for voice chat in League of Legends to be implemented soon were taken on quite an emotional roller coaster on Saturday when a post from a former Riot Games employee promising a beta version of voice chat in Patch 7.12 turned out to be fake.

The post in question was posted on the official League boards on Saturday under the account of former Riot employee Jon "Janook" Stein. Riot has tossed around the idea of implementing voice chat into League for a while now, and apparently, they are starting to look upon it favorably, but the post under Janook's account assured readers that the new communication method would indeed be coming very soon.

After making its way onto Reddit, the post was quickly debunked as another Riot employee, Phillip "Costy" Costigan commented on the Reddit thread, saying "Sorry to say but this is not true. This post was made using a former Rioter's account, please disregard it."

The full post has since been deleted from the League boards, but the text found within the post was captured in the Reddit comments section before the source was removed. Below is the text of the post that has since been proved to be false:

Howdy folks,

A few weeks from now in patch 7.12, we will be rolling out the beta for our current test build for our implementation of In-Game voice chat on live select servers. This feature will not be enabled by default, players will need to opt in to enable vocal communication with their team. Below is the list of servers that will be receiving this system first.

  • NA
  • LAN
  • LAS
  • OCE
  • EUNE
  • RU
  • BR
  • TR


We've really been trying to get voice chat ready in time for the new client, and although we're not on the dot, we feel this is a much needed change and will be our first step in bringing the community closer, and a long overdue one at that. We hope to see lower levels of reports from verbal abuse, and along with it a lower percentage of banned players. Although we won't can't give too much away at this time, the development team will be holding a Q&A on Monday May 22, 3:00PM PDT.

~Good luck on the field of justice, Summoners!

After the post was confirmed to be fake and was taken down, there was speculation as to why the post was created in the first place, especially when it was coming from a former Riot employee's account. One of the main questions that were being asked in the comment section was whether or not the post was an intentional effort by a former employee to mislead players. It seems that it was not, however, as Janook took to his Twitter account after news began circulating about the deceptive post in an attempt to provide some clarity on the issue and keep his name clean.

Current Riot employee Costy also commented on Twitter that the post was indeed fake and that players should disregard it. The concern of Janook's account still being active was again presented to him, and he said that they were working on making sure that the vacant account is fully deactivated to avoid more potential highjackings.

Costy closed out his comments on the issue in a separate Reddit thread that summarized the recent drama for any of those who needed to be caught up to speed. Players were understandably let down, but Costy assured everyone that while Riot is still considering the inclusion of voice chat into League, it is "not coming in the near future."

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