New Fallout 76 Event is the First of Its Kind

Fallout 76 routinely gets events throughout the weeks of a season with several popular events repeating themselves over time, but this week, the game got a totally new event that hasn't been added before. It's been absent previously simply because the feature that required it to work – the Free-Cam – didn't exist until recently. Now that it's in the game, players can take part in a Free-Cam challenge to earn a special holiday reward.

The Free-Cam feature, as its name suggests, is one that's applicable in the game's Build Mode whenever players are setting up their C.A.M.P. settlements. Through this feature which was added on December 6th, players can move objects around their surrounding environments without having to be attached to their characters. It's a feature which those outside of Fallout 76 might've assumed would've already been in the game given how much of an emphasis is put on C.A.M.P. setups, but it's here better late than never now.

"The Free Cam event kicked off last Tuesday, December 6th! This brand-new quality-of-life feature brings so much more for C.A.M.P. builders to enjoy," Bethesda said about this new feature. "While in Build Mode, players can toggle into Free-Cam to build and place objects in their C.A.M.P. without having to move their character. Free-cam allows you to pan through walls and reach ceilings to reach those hard-to-get places."

To get the reward, you'll have from now until December 15th to take part in the challenge. Tasks will be added to the game's Atomic Shop for players to complete, and upon finishing two of them, they'll get the Holiday Building C.A.M.P. item.

"Additionally, we're adding a new challenge event into the Atomic Shop," Bethesda said. "As with previous challenge events, you'll see extra Daily and Weekly challenges to complete, this time while using free-cam, to earn rewards! After you complete two Weekly challenges, you will unlock the Holiday Building C.A.M.P. item to complete your festive Holiday Village!"

Fallout 76's Free-Cam event is live now for players to participate in up until December 15th.