Fallout 76 Stats Show Which Wastelanders Faction Players Sided With the Most

Fallout 76 players have had ample time to explore the content of the massive Wastelanders update since its release, and that means plenty of time to align themselves with either the Raiders or the Settlers. Players can complete quests for both factions to obtain rewards and further their storylines, but there’s one group that players have gravitated towards more than the other. Stats released by Bethesda a few weeks after Wastelanders launched showed that more players chose to align themselves with the Settlers compared to the Raiders, but the difference was a slight one with only a few percentage points separating the two factions.

The stat was shared by Bethesda in a breakdown of some of the most intriguing stats from the Wastelanders update and was also singled out on Twitter as an interesting factoid. A graphic showed that 54% of players sided with the Settlers while 46% of the players sided with the Raiders.

For those who’ve been slacking in their Wastelanders adventures and haven’t really encountered much of these groups yet, the Settlers and the Raiders are the two Wastelanders factions available in the game right now. Hardly anything in the Fallout franchise is black and white with everyone having a bit of grey in them as a result of their moral decisions and priority to survive, but the Settlers are basically the good guys while the Raiders are the baddies. Whether it’s because their moral compass steered them towards the Settlers or they just thought the loot and the perks would be better, it seems Fallout 76 players were drawn more toward the Settlers.

Whichever faction you choose, you can help out the groups to make progress in their stories and net yourself some valuable resources. You can even have allies help you out at your own C.A.M.P., assuming you build up enough trust with whoever you’re after.

You can also nuke the factions if you’re feeling up to it, but don’t expect your nuclear bombardment to affect them too much. They’re pretty used to dealing with things like that seeing how they’ve survived so long in the wasteland, and they’re not too perturbed by being nuked.

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