Fallout 76 Introduces Two Wastelanders Factions

Bethesda’s latest Fallout 76 tease ahead building up to release of the massive Wastelanders update is the introduction of two new factions coming to the game. One of them is the Settlers, a group of NPCs who are just trying to rebuild and make a life for themselves in the wasteland. The other faction is the Raiders, a group of nefarious NPCs that doesn’t really need an introduction if you’ve played past Fallout games.

Both of these Fallout 76 factions were introduced in Bethesda’s latest Inside the Vault article where it gave yet another preview of the Wastelanders content. This Wastelanders update is poised to add a ton of NPCs throughout the land in Fallout 76, so it makes sense that they’d be organized into different factions just as other Fallout games have done.

These Settlers are led by a woman named Paige and are described as a “hard-working and industrious crew” with a knack for rebuilding. Players will find them calling Spruce Knob home as they build on their new city and await the arrival of players who can help them out.

“They broke ground at Spruce Knob, began repurposing its existing buildings, cleared the surrounding trees, and a fledgling city has begun taking shape, which they’ve dubbed ‘Foundation,’” Bethesda said about the Settlers. “These Settlers may know their way around construction equipment, but they have no idea what challenges you and others have faced in Appalachia during the past year. It may be mutually beneficial to seek them out to share your experiences and lend a helping hand toward their efforts.”

And then there’s the Raiders, a returning group which isn’t too keen on the Settlers or anyone else trying to make a living on the land the Raiders claim. Players can interact with the leader of the Raiders instead of just mowing them down, but it sounds like there will be some hoops to jump through.


“After they caught wind that people were returning to the land they once claimed for themselves, the Raiders and their leader Meg decided to come back and put a stop to anyone who would dare snatch up their rightful territory,” Bethesda continued. “They’ve set up a rather formidable base of operations at the Crashed Space Station that they call ‘Crater’ and outsiders who drop by unannounced aren’t going to get a warm welcome. If you’re looking to arrange an introduction to Meg and her gang, you will need to be crafty.”

Fallout 76’s Wastelanders update currently doesn’t have a release date, but a select few players are testing it now to see what it’s like. Those players are under NDAs though, so don’t expect to be hearing much from them.