'Fallout 76' Update Makes Plans and Recipes More Expensive

Fallout 76’s latest update made plans and recipes more readily available from the game’s [...]

Fallout 76's latest update made plans and recipes more readily available from the game's vendors, but it also increased the cost of these items.

Plans and recipes allow players to create new items, but finding certain schematics could be problematic prior to the release due to their random availability. Tuesday's update fixed that by making most of these plans and recipes available from vendors, but they're still gated by levels and will only appear in vendors' inventories once players have reached the required levels.

"Recipes and Plans in Vendor inventories are no longer randomized and can now be reliably sourced from those Vendors, with the exception of some minor Workshop and C.A.M.P. Plans," Bethesda's patch notes for the Fallout 76 update read.

The change was and still is a welcome one for Fallout 76 players since they can now find their desired plans and recipes more reliably, but it was accompanied by a change which was undocumented at the time. Players noticed after the update released that the blueprints for weapons had become more expensive, a change which some theorized had to do with the new availability of the plans and recipes.

Responding to some of those concerns, Bethesda associate community manager Ladydevann learned from the developers that the amount of caps needed to purchase these plans and recipes had indeed been increased due to the blueprints now being more readily available.

"Since many Plans and Recipes can now be sourced reliably from Vendors, we've also increased their Cap costs accordingly," the updated patch notes now read.

Elaborating on that change, a note from the developers explained that the previous prices of these items were intertwined with their rarity. With that factor removed, the prices have been increased, a change the devs say will also help in maintaining a marketplace where players can perform services for others.

"Recipe and Plan prices were originally based on the rarity of showing up in a Vendor's inventory," the developer note in the update patch notes explained. "Guaranteeing their appearance significantly increased the availability of most plans and recipes and we've increased their cap prices as a result. Cap prices have been set relatively high to allow for a market to still exist where players can mod others' equipment for a cheaper price."

Fallout 76's new update also took a crack at item dupers by limiting the massive amounts of items they could previously store.