Fallout Shelter Amazes With Over 100 Million Players

The community for Fallout is vast…but players may not realize just how vast it is. Today, the [...]


The community for Fallout is vast…but players may not realize just how vast it is. Today, the publishers at Bethesda provided a clue.

The company has announced that Fallout Shelter, the build-your-own-shelter spin-off that stemmed from Fallout 4 initially on mobile devices before coming to PC and consoles, has managed to pass 100 million players across all platforms. That's quite a feat for a game that's only been out just over two years, following its initial arrival in June 2015. It did reach the halfway point of 50 million players last year, however.

To celebrate, the publisher has announced that, starting tomorrow, it will give away a plethora of in-game items over the next five days. Players simply need to log into the game each day and see what rewards they earn. They vary, including Lunchboxes, "special items to help survive the wasteland," and, of course, some Nuka-Cola Quantum for your trouble.

If that isn't enough, Bethesda also unleashed a number of statistics with the game, and we've broken down some of the stats rather quickly, so you can see how the rundown looks. Talk about numbers that add up…

  • Over 140 million vaults created
  • Over 385 million hours played
  • Over 7.6 million sessions played
  • Over 933 million babies born
  • Over 198 millions quests started
  • Over 1.111 billion dwellers exploring the Wasteland
  • Over 339 million dwellers dying in the Wasteland (that's a decent survival rate)
  • Over 125 million pets adopted
  • Over 107 million Bottle and Cappy visits
  • Over 105 million weapons crafted
  • Over 42 million dwellers evicted (they probably died soon thereafter)

All these numbers are genuinely surprising, especially for a game that's only been out for a couple of years. No doubt it'll continue to grow, as Bethesda continues to push new items in the game, as well as events that die-hard fans won't want to miss out on. Who knows, with its current third party development streak going the way it is, we might even get a version of Fallout Shelter for the Nintendo Switch. Keep those fingers crossed!

Fallout Shelter is available now for mobile devices, Xbox One and Windows PC.