Far Cry 5’s Latest Gameplay Video Introduces A Helpful Hired Gun

You’ve got a tough fight on your hands in Far Cry 5, as you make your way through a small town [...]

You've got a tough fight on your hands in Far Cry 5, as you make your way through a small town – in this case, Hope County, Montana – and go head to head against a cult leader and his loyal followers, who will do anything to wipe you out. Fortunately, you've got a big benefit on your side – hired guns that are willing to help you out in a fix.

A new gameplay video for the forthcoming sequel has posted, with some new footage taken straight from the Electronic Entertainment Expo event that took place a couple of weeks back. In it, we get introduced to one of the new hired hands that's willing to help you for the right cost – a man named Nick Rye.

Nick is quite good when it comes to assisting you, as his military skills and capability of fixing up vehicles is useful, if you're looking to get on the road or back up in the air in a hurry. For good measure, he can also equip his cropduster plane with some much needed weaponry, in case you feel like blasting cult members out of the sky, or on the ground.

This pilot has a pretty big grudge against the cult, as, apparently, the group at Eden's Gate have been trying to buy his property for some time – something he hasn't been too fond of. On top of that, he's got a wife to protect, so he's more than ready to serve by your side and help you fight back against the barrage of baddies.

The six-something minute gameplay video can be found above, and it really gives you an idea of what secondary characters can do for your sheriff in this small town, even if the odds seem somewhat stacked against them in certain situations. He's not the only one either, as a handful of others are willing to join your cause and help you fight back – you just need to track them down before the cult eventually does.

We'll see what the game has to offer in full when Far Cry 5 arrives on February 27th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you're a fan of the open-world series, this is a must-own.