Days Gone Voice Actor Filipe Duarte Dies at 46

Filipe Duarte, the Portuguese acting talent behind Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John, has passed away at the age of 46. According to Sicnoticias, the actor died this Friday to a heart attack. The tragic news comes roughly a year after Duarte's big role in the aforementioned PlayStation 4 game.

"Incredibly sad to hear of the passing of Portuguese actor Filipe Duarte," wrote lead open world designer on Days Gone, Eric Jensen, when writing about the actor's death on Twitter. "He was the voice of Deacon for us and so many Days Gone players in Portugal. Sending love to his family during this hard time."

While the Angola-born actor lent his incredible talents to Days Gone recently, the actor is best known for his various television and movies roles, including his roles in Variacoes: Guardian Angel, A Outra Margem, Cinzento e Negro, and The Invisible Life. The latter of these four notably earned Duarte a Portuguese Golden Globe in 2015. Meanwhile, the actor's most recent work, a film dubbed Nothing Ever Happened, is currently in post-production.

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(Photo: PlayStation)

According to the actor's official IMDB page, Duarte's acting career began back in 1997, when he appeared in a short titled 13 Buraco. Two years later he made his TV debut with Jardim da Celeste. This was followed with a movie debut in 2001. The page doesn't make any reference to video games, but we know Duarte, at the very least, lent his talents to bringing Deacon St. John, a fellow biker, to life.


Filipe Duarte is survived by his partner Nuria Menca and their child. Our thoughts and prayers are with both, as well as Duarte's other family and friends during this very challenging and tragic time. May he rest in peace