Final Fantasy 16 Officially Announced

Most fans didn't know what quite to expect from today's PlayStation Showcase, though there were a few games and franchises that fans hoped to see. One of the bigger projects fans were hoping to see was Square Enix's beloved Final Fantasy franchise, specifically the next true installment in the series after Final Fantasy XV. It's been a minute since we've heard anything about the next iteration of the main series, but that's not the case any longer, as Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XVI during Sony's sizzle reel of titles

The other big aspect of the reveal was the fact that it is exclusive to the PlayStation 5, but they did also say that the footage was captured on a PC.

While Final Fantasy has been a popular topic due to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XV was the last entry in the main series, and you can clearly see some correlations between XV and the Final Fantasy VII remake, at least in the realm of combat. While XV was delayed considerably, it was eventually released to quite a bit of critical praise for its stylish combat and road trip-like feel.

Despite the game's success, it was unknown if the next entry would stay in line with other Final Fantasy releases and change up the world and characters for a brand-new entry or stay in the same world like Square Enix did with Final Fantasy X-2 and the Lightning Returns trilogy for Final Fantasy XIII.


While we don't have many other details on the plot, characters, or mechanics of this new Final Fantasy, at least we have our answer regarding where it sits in the timeline, and it would seem that this is a completely new world for fans to explore.

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