Final Fantasy 7 Remake Seemingly Leaked for PC

When Final Fantasy VII Remake came out last year, we knew that it would only be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for a period of one year. After this time, it stood to reason that Square Enix would begin bringing the game to other platforms. And while this had yet to actually come to fruition, a new leak has shown that new iterations of Final Fantasy VII Remake will likely be coming about quite soon.

Spotted via the Epic Games Store's internal database, a PC listing for Final Fantasy VII Remake seems to have now leaked. Not much information can be gathered from this leak, however, other than the fact that there now seems to be a placeholder for it on Epic's storefront. As such, it's hard to know when this version of the game might actually release.

While there is a chance that this listing might not guarantee the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC, considering the manner in which this information has leaked, there is a very good possibility that this is legitimate. Oftentimes, leaks of this sort that involve actual information that can be viewed through a database prove to be accurate more often than not. So unless this listing for Final Fantasy VII Remake was created on the Epic Games Store by accident, there is a good likelihood that we'll hear something official from Square Enix soon.

That being said, Square might want to wait a bit longer to make this announcement considering a new version of Final Fantasy VII Remake just came to PlayStation 5 earlier this month. This iteration of the game, which is known as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, upgrades the title for next-gen hardware in addition to adding an all-new DLC chapter. Since Intergrade very much has the attention of fans right now, it might make sense for Square Enix to stagger out the announcement of a PC version until a bit later on.

Still, for those waiting on a PC release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it definitely seems to be coming about in the future. Whenever it is formally revealed, we'll be sure to let you know here on