Fire Emblem Warriors Gets Official Downloadable Content Details For U.S.

Just the other day, we posted first details about the expansion pass that would be coming to Fire [...]


Just the other day, we posted first details about the expansion pass that would be coming to Fire Emblem Warriors for both Nintendo Switch and 3DS, introducing some fresh combatants into the fold alongside the ones in the main cast. But we didn't have information on the U.S. release of the Season Pass just yet. However, today we do.

Nintendo has disclosed just what we can expect from the downloadable content for Fire Emblem Warriors, and it's pretty similar to the set-up in Japan, with three separate DLC packs that can be purchased separately, along with a Season Pass that will save you a little extra money on the side. Here's the full breakdown from Nintendo, so you know exactly what you're getting into:

  • Season Pass (Oct. 20, $19.99): The Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass includes all three DLC packs, which become available as they release. Each DLC pack is filled with new playable characters and weapons. By purchasing the Season Pass for either the Nintendo Switch or New Nintendo 3DS version, players will receive a bridal costume for Lucina.
  • DLC Pack #1 (Dec 2017, $8.99): The content in this pack is inspired by Fire Emblem Fates.
  • DLC Pack #2 (Feb 2018, $8.99): Many of the characters and items in this DLC pack hail from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.
  • DLC Pack #3 (March 2018, $8.99): Fans of Fire Emblem Awakening will love this DLC, as much of the content is themed after the classic game.

Again, similarities, but that $20 price tag hits the spot, considering you'd have to pay about $27 for the content otherwise.

On top of that, Nintendo reconfirmed its own special edition for the game, which will be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and launch on the same day as the game. It'll feature a boxed version of the Nintendo Switch game, along with character cards, a colorful poster and a CD music set. You can see it in the photo above, and it looks very good.

So it looks like things are coming together nicely for Fire Emblem Warriors. We'll be sure to get our hack-and-slash on when the game arrives on October 20th for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.