For Honor Getting Dedicated Servers, Several Fixes In New Patch

Ubisoft’s For Honor is the sort of game that would benefit from dedicated servers, if only [...]

For Honor

Ubisoft's For Honor is the sort of game that would benefit from dedicated servers, if only because it thrives so much with online competition. Fortunately, it appears that the publisher was listening, and is giving die-hard fans of the medieval combat game exactly what they want.

The company has announced that it is setting up dedicated For Honor servers that are set to go live for PC players starting on February 19. As for console players, they'll be rolled out shortly after PC, although an exact date wasn't given yet.

The dedicated servers will tie in with an update that will introduce the game's fifth season, Age of Wolves, into the fold.

These servers were first discussed over the summer, but it's taken a little bit longer for the team to set them up and put them in place, so that it would run into fewer errors once they launched. Their general focus will be on competitive multiplayer game modes, and will also introduced better matchmaking across the board.

The game's director, Damien Kieken, noted, "Changing the online infrastructure while the game was live was a challenge, but a decisive step in improving the game experience of our players. The implementation of the dedicated servers gives us confidence in the direction the game is taking and will pave the way for a full year of continued support and new contents."

On top of that, the company has also set up a new patch that should be live, if it isn't already, that introduces a number of fixes to the game. It's a lengthy list, with changes to each fighter class and other things revolving around the combat, but should be well worth the read for Honor devotees.

Part of these fixes include the top heavy finisher cancel, as well as a new Pommel Strike move, additional chain attacks, heavy hit/block reactions and more. These should certainly make a difference to fans, just like the dedicated servers were.

It's good to see Ubisoft continue to change things up in For Honor for the better, even with the looming competition that is Skull & Bones coming later in the year.

For Honor is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.