Fortnite is Back: New Map, Features, and More for Chapter 2

Fortnite came back online early on Tuesday morning after seemingly ending upon being sucked into a [...]

Fortnite came back online early on Tuesday morning after seemingly ending upon being sucked into a black hole on Sunday afternoon. The popular free to play game literally went dark and offered no intel as to what was next and whether or not it would come back at all. Of course, the juggernaut of a game franchise was not actually dead as it had a lot more Victory Royales to dish out and a whole lot more money to make. Upon its return, the black hole was explored and gamers returned to the iconic Battle Bus but upon leaping from the sky, they landed on a new map with new features.

First of all, Fortnite puts players into a game with their setting completely wiped (they will be restored after the first game). For the first outing, much of the map is covered in darkness as the players have to explore the uncharted territory to learn the names of the locations.

Below is an example of how the map appears as the locations are being unlocked!

While exploring that map, players will notice several new features -- which includes weapons, auto-pick up of potions and bandages, and more. However, one of the new abilities for players is swimming. After jumping into a body of water, players can quickly navigate through the water and even jump out of it for a dive back in.

This swimming feature will come in handy when attempting to dodge gunfire from opponents.

Check out the swimming feature in action below!

Also featured in the video above is one of the game's new vehicles, a boat which continues to drive when not in the water -- but significantly slower and with less control. Boats come equipped with a boost option and rocket launchers.

Another feature related to water is the ability to fish. This requires players to find a working fishing pole but, as seen in the video above, the water is filled with fish and players can eat them to gain health.

So far, other new abilities including hiding in haystacks and dumpsters as seen in the video above. Players can, of course, find you in your hiding and try to eliminate you by trying to destroy your dumpster or haystack but the hiding might be useful for a tactical advantage and it also gives players a Medal award which is part of the new XP system -- that also includes surviving certain margins or remaining players, dealing damage with certain weapon types, and more.

We'll have more updates about the new Fortnite as the day goes on.