Fortnite Celebrates 7 Million Players, Rapidly Catching Up to PUBG

Fortnite started out as an inventive tower defense / first-person shooter hybrid, but has made headlines recently thanks to the addition of a Battle Royale mode. This 100-player PvP mode plays out very much like a match of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and much like PUBG, Fortnite has been enjoying explosive growth recently thanks almost entirely to word-of-mouth promotion. The team recently sent out a tweet celebrating an enormous milestone:

If you've been dying to jump into the Battle Royale mode with your usual Fortnite crew, without having to shoot them, Duos is going to open things up considerably. Everything is made better with friends, and now you and your buddy can stick together to survive. Supply Drops will also now randomly drop from the sky, containing the best items in the game. This will spice things up, especially for would-be campers.

7 million players for a game still in paid early access is pretty astounding, and it wasn't that long ago that PUBG was celebrating the same achievement. When it comes to the ultimate battle royale experience, these are the two games duking it out for supremacy right now. PUBG has had a huge head start, but Fortnite is closing the gap rapidly.

The last time the Fortnite crew updated their player-count was on August 18, and at that time they were celebrating 1 million players. The fact that this new mode has attracted over 6 million new players in a span of two months is mind-boggling. This game is not going to slow down any time soon.


Fornite is scheduled to release as a free-to-play game some time next year. While the Battle Royale mode can be played for free, the standard campaign will set you back $40 in early access.