Fortnite Player Unknowingly Gets In Battle With Their Own Shadow

Fortnite isn't easy. People like to say it's mostly just children playing it, and this is true, but these 10 year olds have discipline, dedication, and reflexes that make them battle royale prodigies. They can build a forty story tower before I can even deduce where the shots are coming from. And if that wasn't bad enough, now we apparently have to worry about our own shadows, as one player recently learned. That's right, the greatest enemy isn't a 10 year old with victory royales running their veins, it's yourself.

During a recent match of the battle royale game on what looks like console, shawtty96 took a mountain, giving themselves a tactical advantage over other players in the vicinity. Upon reaching the top, shawtty96 notices a battle going on in the distance, but it's too far away to jump on. While viewing the showdown, the player notices another player sneaking up on them from the bottom of the mountain, a shadowy figure who looks like they recently built up there. Steadying their aim, they pop the idle enemy in the head a few times. Nothing. But we've all been there. Blame it on the bloom, shrug it off, and keep with it. At this point, shawtty96 fires their rocket launcher and takes off towards the enemy. The only problem is the enemy, now alert, saw the rocket coming and took off towards shawtty96. It wasn't until a few more shots, rockets, and hops that shawtty96 realized they aren't engaged with another player, but themselves.

Friend had some awful realisation as to who the true enemy was from r/FortNiteBR

Of course, this isn't how shadows should work. Either the lighting/shadowing in the game is seriously messed up or this is a bug. That said, just because it's technically an issue, doesn't mean it's a problem worth fixing. If it means great videos like this, then I vote on Epic Games leaving it alone.

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