'Fortnite' Player Gets a Closer Look at Respawn Vans

A Fortnite player has gotten closer to a Respawn Van to see what they look like when you’re [...]

A Fortnite player has gotten closer to a Respawn Van to see what they look like when you're right next to one, and in doing so, they've also been met with a button prompt that calls for players to use an item. The item, like the vans themselves, isn't officially in the game yet, but it appears that if a player wants to use the vans they'll need something called a "Reboot Card." This further builds on the idea that the vans will be used to respawn teammates who've been downed in the game's team-based modes.

The Fortnite player by the name of 0v3rK1ll_ is responsible for the image below that shows what the van looks like when a player gets close to it. There's not much more to be discerned from the up-close look that wasn't already seen in the glimpses players have gotten before, at least not when it comes to what the vans look like, but the button prompt is the most notable find. Approaching the van will cause players to be met with a prompt to press the default reload button to fulfil an action that says it "Requires Reboot Card," and an image of what looks to be that Reboot Card is shown on the side of the van.

A closer look at the Respawn Van. Confirms that it needs ‘Reboot Cards’. from r/FortNiteBR

Though the Respawn Vans or whatever they may officially be called aren't technically in the game yet, players have spotted them numerous times with the most recent details being the latest in a string of unofficial previews. Players within the thread commented to say that these vans could be approached if players lagged their way up to the vehicles. These Respawn Vans were even spotted in an official Fortnite stream of one of the game's latest competitions.

New finds in the files like the ones mentioned above also referenced the Reboot Cards and suggested that players would have to pick up teammates' cards and bring them to a Respawn Van. It's a system that's not unlike the one Apex Legends has in place.

Fortnite's Respawn Vans have not yet officially been announced, though datamined files and speculation from the community indicate more information might be available soon.


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