This 'Fortnite' Concept Art Aims to Help the Homeless

Fortnite fans have come up with some pretty incredible ideas as far as concept art goes over the [...]

Fortnite fans have come up with some pretty incredible ideas as far as concept art goes over the past year but this latest addition to the creative collective has to be our favorite. Not only is this latest artistic endeavor intricate and visually stunning, but it also helps support a very serious problem all over the world - homelessness.

[Skin Concept] Homeless Honcho from r/FortNiteBR

Reddit user 'DeaconCell' shared a skin, pickaxe, back bling, and glider concept that is both visually impressive and has good intentions. In the art seen above, he mentions, "A hobo-themed skin for people who want to play to look poor - perhaps the revenue could go towards helping homeless shelters."

Many developers from games all over have included certain items with proceeds going to a charity of choice: Disaster relief, veterans, disease research. With Epic Games being a powerful force in gaming - especially lately - this could be an incredible opportunity to give back and raise awareness for an issue that is abundant everywhere.

Not only would raising money for homeless shelters be a huge way to give back to the community, but it could also mean big things for future charity work as well. Gamers have proven time and time again that we are a force to be reckoned with as a positive force for change. Extra Life being one of the many ways players can do what they love in the name of good shows that the desire to help is there. With Fortnite having so many amazing skins that players can't help but to buy, this could be one that gamers can enjoy while feeling good about knowing they were a part of a solution.

As someone who has been homeless in the past, I can't help but to throw my support in this. When you're in that position - no matter the reason - there is a vulnerability that leaves you in a place you never thought you'd see yourself in and the kindness of strangers can mean the world.

What are your thoughts on a charity-driven skin? Sound off in the comment section below with your thoughts and ideas, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy. You can also hit me up if you are looking for ways to help YOUR community! Let's do some good!