Fortnite Delays Release of Cars

Fortnite players were pretty sure cars would be added by now as one of the game’s latest features, but that addition still hasn’t come yet. It’s apparently not going to happen for a while longer either now that Epic Games has said players should “expect a few weeks” before the game is “road ready.” It’s a roundabout way to say what players had expected when the cars weren’t added to the game with the latest update, and it means the launch of the feature has been delayed for at least a couple of weeks. This could also have an impact on the rest of Season 3, but that remains to be seen.

Epic Games tweeted about the vehicles on Thursday, a day players had primed themselves for in anticipation for the potential release of the cars. There was talk of working out policy details and more work needed to be road ready, but what it boiled down to is that cars aren’t here yet and they won’t be for a while.

Season 3 in Fortnite may have been largely focused on aquatic themes, but the cars players were expecting made a notable entrance in the game’s battle pass trailer for this season. Some vehicles were seen zooming across the map with narration saying that Season 3 would provide players with some new ways to get around, but we’re several weeks into the season now with cars nowhere to be found.

Some hints and leaks suggested that those cars would be coming soon which is why many people were expecting them to arrive this week or at least somewhere around that time. Players took notice of posters featuring cars and leaked challenges which suggested players would have to use cars to complete certain tasks, so it was perfectly reasonable to think cars were coming soon.


What this means for the rest of Season 3 is unclear, but it could very well mean an extension of the season. Seasons have been extended more than once which is often a nicer way of saying the next season has been delayed due to whatever reasons may be at play, so if cars aren’t dropping for a few more weeks, there’s reason to believe this season may go a bit longer than planned.

Expect more updates from Epic Games on Fortnite’s cars in the future, but don’t expect the vehicles to actually be added anytime soon.