'Fortnite' Disco Domination LTM Coming Soon

Fortnite is getting a new disco-themed Limited Time Mode called Disco Domination that tasks players with using dance moves to capture different points on the map.

With Epic Games updating its “Coming Soon” message that pops up in-game and alerts players of what’s to come, the Disco Domination LTM was revealed. Not much was revealed about the game mode though other than a message that said players will have to travel to different contested points around the map while using emotes to score points. Players shared a screenshot of the game’s popup on Reddit to spread the news about the new LTM mode that’s said to be coming soon.

Disco Domination LTM Coming Soon! from r/FortNiteBR

“Capture and defend Dance Floors around the island using emotes to earn points,” the teaser for the game mode said.

As part of the name suggests, this game mode sounds quite similar to a Domination-style match, a game mode that FPS players will be familiar with from Call of Duty games and other franchises. Those game modes usually feature several different command points that players have to stand on for a short time to capture, and while they’re in possession of a team, that group earns points based on how many they have under their control. Enemies can contest the ownership of the points by eliminating other players and standing on them themselves to reclaim them, thus gaining the upper hand in points that accumulate over time.

Fortnite is taking a different stance on the game mode though by forcing players to emote while taking the Dance Floors. This means that it’ll be even more important to clear out opponents before trying to capture one of the Dance Floors since using an emote will prevent you from returning fire and vice versa. Disco Domination will likely be a team-based mode considering what we know about how it works and the fact that the image above shows four players dancing on a Dance Floor while other players close in on their position, but that remains to be seen until Epic Games fully reveals the details of the new LTM.


A release date hasn’t been announced for the new Disco Domination LTM, but it’s expected to come in an upcoming update when Epic Games also shares the finer details of how the mode works.

[Featured image via FNBR.News]