Fortnite Finally Gets A Release Date, Will Also Come To Consoles

It seems like ages ago that the team at Epic Games announced Fortnite, a game that combined [...]

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It seems like ages ago that the team at Epic Games announced Fortnite, a game that combined building with all-out action in a rather innovative manner. It's been months since we've seen its progress, leaving us wondering if it would ever come out. Good news – it is!

Epic Games confirmed on its website today that it will release Fortnite not only for PC, but also for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And it released a new trailer to celebrate the occasion as well, which you can see above!

For those of you who need a reminder of how Fortnite works, check out the description below straight from the publisher:

"Everybody loves building forts. Whether it was blankets and couch cushions, or building a fort in the woods by your house, you and your friends could spend Saturday afternoons hiding out, or repelling monstrous hordes of imaginary creatures. This idea is universal. It's everywhere in stories and movies. It's Harry Potter defending Hogwarts from Voldemort's army, and Aragorn, standing against the orcs at Helm's deep. This idea inspired the rich, colorful world of Fortnite, where you and your friends are Heroes, building forts and making a stand against hordes of monsters, and of course, blowing them up."

The game had run through a series of testing but never really got a final confirmation on release, but now it's finally coming our way. Furthermore, Epic Games should have the game on hand during its Electronic Entertainment Expo next week.

Epic Games already has the game up for pre-order, with several editions available. In addition, it should be playable very soon via Steam Early Access, with the release on consoles to come soon thereafter.

As far as which version you want to get, it really depends. There's a starter pack for $60 that comes with eight heroes and other goodies, but there's also a Limited Edition for $149.99, which comes with even more rarities, as well as an epic weapon. Feel free to browse around and see what suits you best.

We'll be looking more at Fortnite over the next few weeks. We're just thrilled with the fact that, yes, it's finally coming!