Fortnite Kicks Off Limited-Time Anniversary Event

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games is throwing a birthday celebration in-game that gives players new rewards if they can complete a couple of challenges. The event itself was advertised not long ago when Epic Games went over its latest hotfix and plans for future voting efforts, and as of Friday, it's live in the game now. It'll only be around for a limited time, however, with the associated challenges available from now until September 28th.

If you've been around for Fortnite's past anniversary celebrations, you probably have a pretty good idea of what this one entails. Within Fortnite's non-competitive matches, players will be able to find birthday cakes and presents that they can use. The cakes restore health and shields while the presents have loot stowed away in them for players to obtain.

"Just because the Island's under attack doesn't mean we can't celebrate a little," the preview of the anniversary event that's now live said. "The bus driver's been dropping people from that Battle Bus for almost four years now, which is a good reason for a party I think. And hey, what if I told you the party could help our cause? From September 24 at 9 AM ET to September 28 at 2 AM ET, eat Birthday Cakes for Health and Shield and throw Birthday Presents (the good kind of Cube) to free their loot."

Challenges associated with the event are now live in the game, too. A quick look at the challenges shows that players need to throw presents to get the loot inside, dance in front of cakes, eat cakes, and collect resources from the birthday balloon decorations scattered around the map. By doing so, you'll unlock the rewards shown in the image above which include some back bling, a pickaxe, and an emote.

As Epic Games mentioned in its blog post discussing the new event, none of the anniversary elements like the presents and cakes will be present in the game's competitive playlists, so you won't have to worry about other people chomping on some cake to regain health and shields in those modes.

Fortnite's fourth anniversary event is live from now until September 28th.