Fortnite Players Get to Choose Which Item Gets Unvaulted Next

After constructing some Turret Stations around the map, Fortnite players now have another opportunity to spend their hard-earned Gold Bars as a community to decide what happens next in the game. This time, players have the choice of unvaulting one of two items: The Rift-To-Go or the Shockwave Launcher. To choose which one gets added next, players will have to donate more Gold Bars than the opposing side in order to have the item re-added to the game.

Epic Games said back when Season 8 started that the Turret Station donation funds would be followed by other similar opportunities throughout the rest of the season. In a blog post shared on Tuesday, the second one of those began with the Rift-To-Go vs. Shockwave Launcher battle underway now. Both of those items were prematurely unvaulted in Fortnite this week, but they've since been removed until people can vote for one or the other.

"I've dug up schematics for new, powerful tools — and some old favorites — to strengthen your arsenal," Epic Games' Fortnite blog post said. "Only problem is, I don't have the production funds. This is where you come in. Donation Boards are set up at POIs for you to chimp in Bars towards which item you want to see as future loot. First item to hit 100% Funded is immediately unlocked and ready for use."

For those who don't recall, the Rift-To-Go item is one that was added back in 2018. It allows players to create a Rift wherever the throwable lands. Going through that Rift shoots players up into the sky to redeploy at will. The Shockwave Launcher, by comparison, shoots out Shockwave Grenades that don't deal damage but do displace people who are hit by them.

It hasn't been specified yet how long these items will be unvaulted for once a winner is chosen. They'll presumably be available in the loot pool for the remainder of the season, but given how this is the first time this has happened, it's impossible to say for sure right now.


While this current Gold Bar drive is the first to pit two different items against each other, it won't be the last. Epic Games said that "New head-to-head campaigns will kick off as our fight against the Cubes continues," so expect to see more of these in the future once this one is decided.