New Fortnite Consumables Leaked

It looks like Fortnite players are set to get some new consumable items soon, assuming the information found in the game’s files after the most recent update is any indication of what’s to come. Fortnite dataminers who comb through the game’s files with ever update that’s released found several new objects added to the files after the v12.20 update dropped, each of the objects labeled as a consumable tag. It would appear that there are nine different consumables being added to the game at some point, but like other things found in the files before they’re released, it’s unclear what the new items will do.

The new consumables were found in the game’s files and shared on social media like most things in Fortnite are before they’re able to be released. The nine consumables in question are all different types of foods similar to how Fortnite got apples and mushrooms in the past. Both of those consumables are actually included in the list of nine items as well, but even though we know what those types of consumables do already, there are still several more items that won’t be fully understood until they’re added to the game in a future update.


The final consumable in the list, the Apple Sun item, appears to have caught the attention of players more than others. Players have been trying to guess what this item might do since it apparently involves jumping in some capacity. We’ve seen jumping-related consumables in Fortnite long ago whenever Hop Rocks were added back in Season 4, so it’s been a while since there’s been a new consumable which involved jumping, assuming that’s what this Apple Sun actually is.

It’s unclear when these consumables will be added to the game, but players still have content from the game’s last update to keep them busy until the consumables are eventually added. Helicopters were added in a recent update which gave players a new means of travel to get around the map, and we’ve got a list of the helicopters’ locations put together to help you get in the air quickly. There are also new skins coming to the game like always and more Deadpool challenges coming later this week to bring players one step closer to finally owning their own Deadpool skin.