Fortnite: Where to Find Helicopters

Earlier today, Epic Games finally added helicopters to Fortnite. The vehicle had been teased for some time, and many players expected them to be released at the start of season two. Despite the slightly prolonged wait, helicopters have finally been added to the battle royale game. Choppas join motorboats as the second vehicle available in Fortnite season two, but they can cover quite a bit more ground, for players fortunate enough to locate them. Of course, finding them can be a bit tricky, particularly as other players try to locate them first. Helicopters can be found in the following locations:

  • E4 - The Agency
  • H5 - The Grotto
  • B7 - The Rig
  • B1 - The Shark
  • H1 - The Yacht
  • D3 - SHADOW Safe House Alpha
  • G4 - SHADOW Safe House Beta
  • F2 - SHADOW Safe House Charlie
  • E7 - SHADOW Safe House Delta
  • B4 - SHADOW Safe House Echo
  • G7 - Weather Station

There are 11 helicopters in total to compete over, which is kind of a lot! While helicopters are easily the best way to get around the island quickly, they do come with some negatives. Most notably, unlike motorboats, choppas don't have any offensive capabilities of their own. However, players that can manage to snag a helicopter and locate some teammates can deal out quite a bit of damage. Four additional players in total can hop on each choppa, and fire their weapons from the sides of the vehicle.


While players will have to deal with other Fortnite players as they try to secure a choppa, several of the helicopter locations on the map are found in areas guarded by henchmen and agents. These A.I.-controlled opponents shouldn't be too much of a hassle, but when coupled with a high-interest item like a helicopter, it might require a bit of work to secure. At the very least, these areas are going to become big hotspots!

It will be interesting to see the impact helicopters have on strategy in the game. Right now, Fortnite players are scrambling to acquire helicopters right off the bat, but that could change over time. Right now, there's a lot of novelty to the new addition, but that could easily change as players figure out the best ways to work around them.

What do you think of the choppas added to Fortnite? Do you like using them? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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