Fortnite Fans Accuse NickEh30 of Cheating in NFL Charity Stream

Fortnite fans take cheating quite seriously, but sometimes, the line can get a little bit blurred. [...]

Fortnite fans take cheating quite seriously, but sometimes, the line can get a little bit blurred. Take, for example, the results of the Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl. During the competition, 15 streamers found themselves paired with NFL players as they competed for various charities. During the Bowl, streamer Nicholas "NickEh30" Amyoony was paired with Minnesota Vikings Tight End David Morgan. During the stream, all teams were supposed to land in specified zones. However, during Game 3, NickEh30 and Morgan dropped into an area they weren't supposed to, allowing them to take out streamer Chap and New England Patriots Linebacker Kyle Van Noy. The only punishment for doing so the first time is a warning, leading many to believe it was an intentional move, rather than an accident. Audio from the event seems to give that theory a bit of credence, as the two can clearly be heard scheming before the game.

On social media, many gamers have been debating whether or not the strategy on NickEh30's part actually constitutes cheating, or if it was simply the type of exploit frequently seen in sports. After all, professional athletes have always exploited loopholes when the opportunity presents itself. NickEh30 and Morgan can hardly be blame for working within the rules; if anything, the organizers should have anticipated players might take advantage.

Considering the amount of money that was at stake for charity, it's hard to blame NickEh30 and Morgan for exploiting that loophole. Despite the minor advantage, the pair only landed in 6th place. Even still, they managed to bring in $30,000 for their selected charity, St. Jude. After the event, Chap and Van Noy both took shots at the opposing team on Twitter, though it seemed to be at least partly in good fun.

While Chap and Van Noy seemed to take things in stride, many viewers did not, and NickEh30 has received some fairly choice words on social media, as a result. Things might have worked out this time for the streamer, but it seems pretty unlikely that he'll be allowed to use a similar strategy in the future!

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