'Fortnite' Adding 'Apex Legends' Inspired Reboot Van Next Patch

(Photo: Epic Games)

Today, Epic Games confirmed that a brand-new feature is coming to Fortnite that was clearly inspired by Apex Legends' popular respawn mechanic, which allows you the opportunity to respawn a teammate after they've been killed. The new feature is called the Reboot Van, and it works just like Apex Legends' Respawn Beacon. If a teamate dies at one point in the match, you can bring them back via the Reboot Van. However, the Reboot Van does work a little bit differently than Apex Legends' Respawn Beacon.

When a Respawn Beacon is activated in Apex Legends, it isn't available to use again. However, Reboot Vans will only temporarily be unusable after a team has used one. That said, otherwise the Reboot Van is basically a copy and paste job. Like the Respawn Beacon, it lets players know one is being used by emitting a loud sound and a visual cue. Further, respawned players will respawn with no items other than their hand-dandy harvesting tool.

Similar to Apex Legends, when players now go down in Fortnite, they will drop a Reboot Card that you have to pick up in order to respawn them at the Reboot Van. What's unclear at the moment is whether or not every player gets a Reboot Card, or if that's something you have to find and decide to waste an inventory slot on carrying. The latter appears to be the case, but Epic Games doesn't confirm one way or the other.

As for when the Reboot Van will be added, Epic Games doesn't say, but does note it will come with the game's next update, which will presumably drop sometime next week.

Fortnite is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. For more news, media, and information on the popular battle royale game, be sure to check out all of our previous coverage of the title by clicking right here.


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