'Fortnite' Replay Temporarily Disabled After Marshmello Glitch Went Viral

With all of the wild success that Fortnite has had in the past year, it's easy to forget that it's still technically and Early Access title. As Epic Games continues to make wild improvements to the online game, the studio is keeping close tabs on those issues that can prevent players from enjoying their time in Battle Royale. The latest bug found has to do with the Replay feature and because of that, Epic is disabling the ability to view past Replays until further notice.

"We've disabled the ability to view replays while we investigate an issue," reads the above Twitter post. "All replays will still be saved during this time and watchable once this feature has been re-enabled."

The bug in question is the music heard because of the glitch. Earlier this week, we leaked a new Marshmello event coming soon and the bug in question made it to where players could hear the music technically before the event started. Maybe now that the cat (or Marshmello) is out of the bag, the event itself might start up sooner than expected!

From all of the information gathered, it looks like there will be a new skin, a new pickaxe, and a new spray, as well as new emotes and new challenges for players to take on. That's one thing that's been pretty hot for Fortnite lately: Challenges. From the snow event that happened recently, to the previous Fortnitemares -- there hasn't been a shortage of things to do for those looking for more than simple Battle Royale.


For now, we wait for a fix regarding Replays and for an official start date for the new event.