Fortnite Adds Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield Skins from Resident Evil

Fortnite has added two iconic characters from the Resident Evil series: Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Fortnite is basically a virtual billboard and toybox at this point. What started as a rather simple tower defense game has evolved into something much more grand over the years. After failing to capture a big audience with its initial release, Epic Games pivoted to a battle royale version of the game which totally took the industry by storm and managed to innovate/change how live service games operated for years to come. One of the biggest selling points of Fortnite is how the game has tons of crossovers, often promoting hot new movies or games. It's a total empire at this point and one that totally dominates the industry.

In the lead up to the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, Fortnite has added skins of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Leon is not sporting his signature coat from the fourth game, but is in his signature darker tactical clothes with a knife on his chest and his Karen-esque haircut. Claire is seen wearing her bright red jacket and jeans and both heroes come with their own extra cosmetic goodies. Leon will have a silver briefcase backbling and have his legendary knife as a pickaxe, while Claire gets an umbrella and a set of colored keys, seemingly themed after the older Resident Evil games. It's a great little collection and crossover, which is sure to help boost hype for the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4.

This duo joins the likes of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, so you can have a whole squad rocking Resident Evil characters if you really want to. Whether or not any other Resident Evil characters are coming to Fortnite in the future remains to be seen. There aren't many remaining iconic protagonists to include, but there are still major characters like Albert Wesker that could join Fortnite.

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