Fortnite Gets New Sniper-Focused Game Mode For a Limited Time

Fortnite from Epic Games has been thriving as of late, not only from its addition of a Battle [...]

Fortnite Sniper

Fortnite from Epic Games has been thriving as of late, not only from its addition of a Battle Royale mode, but also with its limited-time mode offerings, like the 50-on-50 soldier battle that was introduced back in December. It's certainly kept players on their toes – and a new mode that's now available will likely do the same.

The publisher has announced that the newest mode for the competitive game, Sniper Shootout, is now live, and it's available from now until February 2nd. That means you basically have just four days or so in order to check it out, before you go back to the glorious Battle Royale.

There is an interesting twist with this mode. As you might be able to tell from its name, it's all about sniping here. You'll only have sniper rifles and revolvers available as the only weapons, and that includes grenades as well. However, you'll be happy to know that consumables are still present, in case you need a quick snack in-between skirmishes.

This is the latest limited mode to be introduced to the game, and, more than likely, Epic Games isn't done yet, as we're likely to see a few more introduced until the company decides what it wants to keep permanently, based on fan feedback. It's already been talking about introducing a new mode within the game that revolves around a different style of shooting mechanic, but a date hasn't been given for that mode just yet.

Sniper Shootout will no doubt test the dexterity of many players, and also have some become accustomed to hiding in bushes and behind cover, since the game is all about taking out the opposition. Whether it'll become a permanent fixture has yet to be seen, but you've got a few days to give it a trial run and see what it's all about, before Epic Games begins work on whatever next mode gets introduced.

So jump in, grab a sniper rifle, and have a good time with it. After all, the worst thing that can happen is you get shot and have to start all over again, right?

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.