Fortnite: Wolverine Trailer Released, How to Beat Him and What You Get

Wolverine has finally come to Fortnite after being teased back at the start of the Marvel-themed Season 4, and if you’ve got the battle pass and the skills to beat him, the hero’s skin can be yours. The skin is one that was confirmed to be a battle pass exclusive at the beginning of the season, and like other skins from past events, it can only be unlocked by completing the connected challenges. Unlocking this skin involves fighting Wolverine himself, and while it’s on you to be able to beat him, we can point you right to the hero to speed things up.

The trailer below from Epic Games first welcomed Wolverine to the Fortnite fray by showing off the character and his in-game cosmetic as he faced off against other classic Fortnite foes. The backdrop for the fight wasn’t just a coincidence though – it’s a hint as to where you need to look to find Wolverine and get your skin.

To find Wolverine, you’ll want to head over to the Weeping Woods location. You’ll find Wolverine hanging out somewhere in that area, but he moves about, so it’s up to you to find him. Given that he’s completely clad in yellow and black, it shouldn’t be too hard to spot him among the trees, so just survey the area until you see him.

Once you do find him, the fight is on. Expect him to make use of his speed, power, and regenerative abilities all together during the fight which should make it a bit more challenging than the usual PvE battle. His regenerative powers means you’ll have to be consistent with your damage to take him out in a timely manner, so be sure you come prepared.


After you’ve beaten Wolverine, the skin will be yours. You’ll be able to be one of many players dressing up as Wolverine in-game throughout the rest of the season and beyond along with all the other Marvel costumes that have been added over the course of Season 4. To get the full effect from the set though, you’ll want to make sure you’ve completed all the existing Wolverine challenges and those still to come during the season. These give you different Wolverine-themed accessories to really complete the character’s look, and like other season-specific challenges, they’ll be gone for good once the season ends.

Fortnite’s Wolverine skin is now in the game and attainable for all battle pass owners.