More Free PlayStation Rewards Earned After Hitting Second Community Goal

The PlayStation community challenge continues this week as PlayStation 4 owners move towards the third and final goal while earning some free stuff along the way. Sony announced through the official PlayStation account on Twitter that the community had already completed the second challenge which tasked people with playing a lot of game sand earning even more trophies. With that challenge completed, those who participated have earned character avatars highlighting some of the protagonists of PlayStation’s biggest series. The third goal that’s now live asks people to play more games and continue to earn trophies, and if they can do that, they’ll get a unique, dynamic theme.

PlayStation’s announcement that the challenge had been completed was accompanied by a preview of the rewards players are getting for finishing the second goal. Those rewards include avatars from some iconic PlayStation brand and series including God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, and The Last of Us. Just as the rewards were distributed last week, those who registered for the community event can expect to see a notification at some point this week to let them know they’ve received their rewards.

It was less than a week ago that the PlayStation community completed the first goal in the series of three tasks and earned their rewards. When the start of the second goal was announced, the page which tracks the progress of these challenges showed that the first part of the second goal – play ton of games – had already been completed. Earning trophies is a bit tougher than just playing games though, so the rest of the time between the challenge’s launch and now was spent getting those.


The same is true for this third and final challenge. It appears people have already played at least one hour of 675,000 game to complete the first part of the challenge and are working on the second. Part two involves earning 2.7 million trophies which sounds like an insane number of achievements, but the community has already earned nearly 2.2 million so far. That’s as of March 1st which is the last time the site says it was updated, so it’s likely that it’s even closer to being finished by now assuming it’s not already completed.

Some people are holding out for an extra reward at the end of the challenge, but for now, you can just expect to get the unique dynamic theme if you participated in the event after the third challenge is inevitably completed.