GameStop Is Being Sued by Diamond for Almost $3 Million

It would appear that Diamond Comic Distributors, which is perhaps best known for providing the main pipeline for comics distribution as the name implies for decades at this point, has something of a bone to pick with GameStop. The company has filed a lawsuit against GameStop due to the latter's "refusal to upload contractual obligations" and is seeking a grand total of $2.8 million.

As spotted and detailed by Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston, this apparently has to do with several contractual disputes over when, exactly, GameStop is and is not allowed to cancel orders. The lawsuit claims that GameStop tried "to cancel certain accepted purchase orders that were not yet fulfilled (i.e. delivered)" back in April of this year. "This included a list of 87 previously submitted and accepted purchase orders, with a total contract price of in excess of $950,000.00," the explanation continues.

Basically, Diamond claims it then told GameStop that despite the attempted cancellation, accepted orders weren't able to be canceled at that point without consent from Diamond itself. Also, Diamond had already ordered and at least partially paid for those goods itself. Even so, GameStop reiterated that it would not accept nor pay for the orders it had attempted to cancel.

Following that, GameStop reportedly asked Diamond for an accounting of outstanding orders only to then attempt to cancel or reduce "105 additional outstanding accepted purchase orders" in June that Diamond had already submitted production orders for to its own vendors. Diamond claims those orders either had production costs paid for initially or that it had become liable to pay fully, and thus GameStop is on the hook for them. In total, between the first attempted cancelations and the further ones in June, that's how Diamond came to the $2.8 million figure.

As noted above, it would appear that the lawsuit between Diamond Comic Distributors and GameStop was only just filed this week, and there is no telling exactly what might come of it at this point. You can check out all of our previous coverage of GameStop in general right here.

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